Thursday, December 23

Busy Bee!!

I have been very very busy this past week due to so many reasons! :)) First is my baby boy Jaden's coming christening! I'm so glad na mabibinyagan na sa wakas ung bunso nmin ni Dadi <3 Next: Nagkasakit si baby Iyah ko huhuhu,nagka LBM cya and we dont know until now the reason/s kng bkt cya nagkaganun! Wala nmn daw makitang diperencya ung mga doctor hays! Buti na lg at magaling na cya <3 Next: Busy sa pagpapalvl ng character nmin sa Battle of Immortals tahahah! Rank 2 kami sa overall ranking ng Vicar and we need to level up fast! Or else hndi nmin mkukuha ung prize! Last but not the least: It's Christmas already and napi feel ko na tlg ung season of love and giving :) I already bought gifts and packing dem nlng ung kulang! Below are screenies from Battle of Immortals! :)

Thursday, December 16

BoI Guide: Dragons Blood

This is a daily event quest and i strongly suggest that you form up a party with heavy tanker (1 vanguard will do but if u want to be sure make it 2),at least 2 vicars,the rest will be executioners or magi or warlords...Next hunting down the dragons! Guys make sure your vanguards and the rest of your party are not afraid to take down the dragons or else you will all gonna die especially for the higher level dragons.. Enjoy hunting guys!

Experience gained upon acquiring a certain dragon scale:
Eos I = 7,926 exp
Alice II = no info yet              
Eros III = 50,880 (free 5 fortify crystals)
Naiads IV =90,720
Calypso V = 158,775
Simoirs VI = 257,466 (free 10 fortify crystals)
Achelous VII = 390,600
Axius VIII = 573,092
Glaucus IX = 811,566 (free 15 fortify crystals)
Triton X = 1,111,789
Leucothea XI = 1,404,480
Nereids XII = 1,750,320 (free 20 fortify crystals)
Gaia XIII = 2,148,120
Selene XIV = 2,601,480
Thanato XV = 3,114,000 (free 25 fortify crystals)
Hypnos XVI = 3,689,920
Hecate XVII = 4,330,920
Syrinx XVIII = 5,042,520 (free 30 fortify crystals)

Location Coordinates (copy/paste in game)
[url]Tomb of the Scorpion Lord(235,91)[/url]         
[url]Dragon Emperor's Grave(264,238)[/url]          
[url]Northern Easter Island(85,179)[/url]           
[url]The Abyss(87,108)[/url]                        
[url]Sea of Atlantis(168,62)[/url]                  
[url]Aegean Proper(179,187)[/url]                   
[url]Atlantic Ocean(237,218)[/url]                  
[url]Oceanic Trench(192,281)[/url]                  
[url]Angkor Wat Jungle(264,152)[/url]               
[url]Valley of the Kings(256,61)[/url]              
[url]Dwarven Forest(49,153)[/url]                   
[url]Angkor Wat Encampment(49,259)[/url]            
[url]Nile Riverbank(56,89)[/url]                   
[url]Virgin Prairie(130,51)[/url]                   
[url]Khufu Desert(259,171)[/url]                    
[url]Nordic Lands(209,271)[/url]                    
[url]Fiery Earth(157,205)[/url]                     
[url]Ashen Valley(156,199)[/url]                  

Wednesday, December 15

Yay! Battle of Immortals is last!!!

Ive been very busy this past days because of this newly launched game the Battle of Immortals. I'm gonna update you guys about this soon coz I'm gearing up my char for the race to level cap :) and i'll be making up guides soon :)

Saturday, December 4

Battle of Immortals

I've been busy yesterday and today so I wasn't able to write for my blog :) As an update of the recent things I did,I will write them now...
This after noon I attended the Battle of Immortals Guild Leaders Meeting in New Horizon Hotel...This game is being endorsed by Cubizone Ph. Battle of Immortals [or BOI] is a 2.5D MMOG. Inspired by Norse, Greek, Egyptian and Chinese Mythology, this fantasy based game gives players a game world rich in content and depth. The game offers players an abundant choices in customization in terms of their character's development, the game's rich pet system as well as the diverse mount system.
 Other features include a player-dictated market, the guild system, the quest system [which provides more opportunities for growth than simple grinding] as well as game content available in both instances and open-world areas.The wedding system as well as the Realm of Love are just some examples of the many social elements available within the game.
 Aside from this the Cubizone Staffs are very kind and polite..They offered us a warm welcome and a cozy ambiance during the meeting...They gave t-shirts as freebies as well as a loot bag which includes 2pcs posters, an installer CD,a BoI rubber bracelet and a bag...The following are pictures related to BoI,the 5 classes and some pictures from the event this afternoon. :) If you want to play you can download the game from their website which is BoI Website. Please like their facebook fanpage too...BoI Facebook Fanpage


Wednesday, December 1

Couple Shirts!

While browsing FB I saw my friend tagged in this online shop and I immediately liked some of the shirts designs intended for couples..

Here's the informations:
for more info just txt me 09214203952


The owner is from Quezon City.. I will buy as soon as i got my money to surprise my hubby! yay! <3 cant wait ahahaha... 

The shirts i like and a lot more!

DP fever continues!

These photos are from the movie,Despicable Me..


Yummy Minions!

Margo,Edith and Agnes with Gru's mom

The trio at Gru's lab

Reading a bedtime story

The Minions!

Roller Coaster ride!

In pursuit of Vector

Minion in your nails xD

Playing with the water dispenser

Vector with the shrink ray

Despicable Me!

I sooooo looovveee this cute little minions of Gru! <3 if only i could ask him to give them to me xD. The movie Despicable Me is the best 3d movie I've seen this year :) The story is about Gru,a supervillain, along with his Minions, wants to steal the moon for glory and fame.. When he stole the shrink ray in order to carry out his plan another villain enters the scene,Vector. It so happens Vector likes to eat cookies which the orphan children,Margo,Edith and Agnes,are selling... So Gru proceeded on adopting them as a diversion when he infiltrates Vectors Fortress.. But as days turns on,Gru didn't realize that slowly these children affects his life already.. Slowly he's not paying attention to the heist but spent time bonding with the children,reading them bedtime stories and cooking for them!

There are lots of funny moments in the movie that would make you roll on the floor laughing! But there's a lesson too,a very nice lesson everyone should learn :) Love,Trust,Honesty, each of these traits are very important for us to establish a Family :)

Links I found in YouTube :) Watch and you will love Despicable Me!

A New Online Game

The other day as i was busy browsing facebook for latest news and updates about my friends,I stumbled upon ExGM Vraels profile post,it says he's looking for Guild Leaders and to PM him for those interested...Upon reading it I suddenly thought maybe it's a new online game...Since me and my hubby is looking for a new online game to play I decided to send Vrael a message....I received a phone call later inviting me to attend the said gathering...They sent me an email about the details of the meeting,its venue and time...Luckily I know this place,the New Horizon Hotel,since i've seen it couple of times while traveling to Laguna. Well i was correct,its a new online game and its called Battle of Immortals,by Cubinet Interactive,Cubizone Ph...I don't know much about this game so I decided to browse the net for info's...So far i have learned that it has 5 classes,Magus-Executioner-Vicar-Warlord and Vanguard....So I will attend this meeting! To find out more of the game!


Campaign for Childrens Right

your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood &invite your friends to do the same.Until Monday there should be no
human faces on Facebook,but an invasion of memories.This is a campaign
for children's rights.

Took me a long while to upload though,i cant settle on which cartoon pix to upload,kea ito, c Zenki! nagkakandarapa ako umuwi frm school dati jst to watch dis tpos sisingitan lng ng local news!

I missed being a kid! :( But i know we wont stay young forever,in appearance maybe...but im still young at heart....being a kid has advantages,so is being an adult too....please love every children in the world,coz every child is a blessing and a gift from God :) <3