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-Online Gamer -Blogger -loves anime and manga! -loves to read -loves to travel -proud mother of two uber cute and healthy children,Iyah and Jaden -sweet, romantic, amiable, happy-go-lucky, in-love and crazy at times!

i dont have a pretty face that you guys always look for..
hot and sexy bodies that makes you drool, i never possessed it..
im not a dancer or a singer,talents that you guys want your ideal girl to have..
im not all those things ..this is me, the simple me who isnt your ideal girl but a girl who will love you completely for who you are and what you are...

im barely 5 feet 8 inches tall, morena, chinita,and they say matalino daw ako ahaha.... ewan ko na lng kng ano pa... :) minsan maldita at suplada..mataray pa nga daw sabi ng iba :)) pero d po ako plastic,sinasabi ko kung anu ang gusto ko at ayaw sayo..pero minsan dahil ayokong masabihan na taklesa at walang respeto nananhimik nlng ako..mahaba din ang pasensya ko,marunong akong rumespeto ng tao,matanda man o bata..mayaman o mahirap...alam ko dn kng saan lumugar sa mundong ito lalo na kung ako na ung mali..okei lang na ako awayin nyo wag lng mga anak ko at ang asawa ko :) (un lg po) *bow*

i love to write, its my passion in life...
former e-Games Correspondent, a writer/reporter who works for e-Games..what i do? i write articles for online games, my expertise is RAN Online..also a former member of e-Gamer Girls...

I'm JaLiyah to those who are playing ZhuXian Online... Former member

of Bonding Bliss School but transfered to Heaven Sound after Ascension xD
proud member of Lotus Clan, Foreplay Family :)

I'm GM JaLiyah, GM Celestne and GM Alynna to those playing ZX Legend :)

Currently playing Battle of Immortals Ph....
I'm JaLiyah, level 90 Vicar/Heretic Class.. Member of Exiles Clan (former Guild 
Leader of Lotus Clan- BoI )