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This is my siggy in Battle of Immortals forums xD Isnt it cute ahahah! The quotes on the side is from Full Metal Alchemist Manga. I love Al and Ed. The best brothers for me! I was teary-eyed when I finished it in Anime and Manga. Jaliyah is my in-game name,taken from my eldest child name: Jaliyah Celestine. It was my hubby who thought of Jaliyah and Celestine was mine,it means "A gift from the heavens". And the Lotus badge, I was the first guild leader of Lotus guild in Boi,then I passed it on Takeo for personal reasons xD. I chose a girl playing the piano since I love music and it reflects here :)

Level 75 Soul Gear Guide

little guide to all players planning to get their Soul Gear lvl 75...U will need Giza Shadow and Phantom Angelpieceand 18k valhalla avenger reputation points...

first is through Giza Pyramid Instance..I suggest u look for a permanent party on this one with a fixed time kng kelan nyo gagawin...3 runs of GP can provide u 12pcs or more of Giza Shadow,im not really sure how many phantom angelpiece coz u can loot them during the instance or acquire dem through quests,but u can get at least 12pcs too..

second is through Alms alms can be acquired if u party up wid oder player 20 levels below u...example if u are lvl 75,u need lvl 50 and below players on ur party...d party should be LEADING MODE..its okei f ur not d party leader as long as its in leading mode...alms will only work on Dragon Emperors Grave Easy and Normal Mode, Spectral Isle Easy,Normal and Elite Mode and Pyramid of Giza Easy and Normal Mode...during DE and SI trials u can get as many lowbies as u want since it gives alot more alms reminded that 1 giza shadow is equivalent to 3,000 alms points...when u think u got enough points go to Atlantis,Alms Shop(140,188)...

third is for additional source of phantom angelpiece..u can get them from the four NPC inside giza pyramid..they provide quest everyday with 90k exp points,10k gold and phantom angelpiece as rewards..

Exchange Rate:
30pcs giza shadows = 1 queens emblem
30pcs giza shadows = 1 scorpion lord emblem
30pcs giza shadows = 1 prince emblem
30pcs giza shadows = 1 arch priest emblem

1 queens emblem + 1 scorpion lord emblem + 1 prince emblem + 1 arch priest emblem = 1 confessing soul

4,000 valhalla avenger reputation points:
Shield = 10pcs phantom angelpiece
Belt = 30pcs phantom angelpiece
Boots = 50pcs phantom angelpiece

10,000 valhalla avenger reputation points:
Gloves = 1 queens emblem and 50pcs phantom angelpiece
Helm = 1 scorpion lord emblem and 50pcs phantom angelpiece
Greaves = 1 prince emblem and 50pcs phantom angelpiece
Armor = 1 arch priest emblem and 50pcs phantom angelpiece

18,000 valhalla avenger reputation points:
Pauldrons = 1 confessing soul and 60pcs phantom angelpiece
Weapon = 1 confessing soul and 70pcs phantom angelpiece

you can see how many alms u got by pressing C in game then Achievement tab...
if u have low valhalla reputation points you can also form up a party and do the Pyramid Hallucination Event,
u can enter a portal of a certain boss from the Giza Pyramid,but be wary coz the bosses in here are much much more stronger than their giza counterpart... perhaps 10 to 15x stronger..every monster is equivalent to 1 valhalla point..if u managed to kill the boss ders a chance dat he will drop an emblem automatically saving u 30pcs Giza Shadow...u can stay for 53 minutes inside d crypt,its up to u f u jst want to grind inside for points or go and give a shot in killing d boss..i suggest u form up a stronger party,lvl 75 above wid a heavy tanker,2 vicars and d rest DPS..with max lvl buffs and if possible higher lvl pots which can be bought frm d guilder shop and from the Lotto Rewards.. :)

Can't Believe It!

Wah! I really can't believe it in 1 month I ignored my blog :( I bet my blog is so sad during those times... No updates and no stories to share! Sheez I am so sorry! Promise I will update this blogspot from time to time! :)