Tuesday, November 30

Warcraft Discovery

I stumbled upon this site looking for Warcraft Themes, DotaUtilities...aside from themes it got loads of stuffs inside about DOTA..There's the Universal Maphack,DOTA Maps,AI Maps,Version Switcher and alot more! This site is great coz it provides our most basic and important needs for this famous LAN game,although it can be played now Online through Garena....

I have tried the themes myself and its awesome! Lots of themes to choose from...I like the Iceonfire Theme,smexy! >:) The installation is quite easy,aside from the instructions provided by the Author.

To all DOTA players out there try this themes for yourself! I'm sure you'll gonna love it! <3

hello sunshine :)

a pleasant morning to everyone! *yawn* LOL got a little sleep last night..slept late coz i reformatted our pc because of that damn virus! >,< well,ill catch some sleep later....have lots of things to do at the moment! sayonara! :)

To begin....again

As hard as I try, I will never escape it.  I play games with myself believing that in the end, despite the outcome, I will prevail.  It’s because I cling to the idea that I’m in control, even when I’m knowingly clinging to an illusion.  It’s comforting.  Yes, denial is a comfort.  But who’s to say it’s not true anyway?  It gets me where I need to be.  Even when it’s for a split second, I’m there.  I get a place to rest my worries and take care of myself.  To shut the world out and spin inside of my own creation, I am centered.  And as the ride is set too fast and I lose my balance, I’m the one who says when it’s time to get up and begin......... again.

Have no fear of giving in

You meet someone who brings out the absolute best in you. You can’t wait to see what they’ve done next. Each encounter is another chance to learn something more about yourself while you learn more about them. You can’t help but love your reflection when you see yourself through their eyes. They remind you of who you really are, deep down, in the root of your being. They’re never afraid to send you there and sometimes, even make the trip with you to stay and visit awhile. Chances you’re taking seem so small in comparison to who you’ll be at the end of the day by having them in your corner. Every breath is worth living for. These are the spirits that lift and guide you to the tip top of the highest high. And you find yourself just wanting to float there with them forever.

Emotional Triggers

An interesting subject.
How far does one have to go before someone strikes back at them? How long can you pull the dog’s food bowl away from him before he bites your hand off? Looking at it on the other side of the coin; how long do you have to be nice to a hostile stranger before they  accept you?
Quite a conundrum. People in general are very set in their ways – they have strict beliefs, superstitions – although some of them won’t admit it, they have some semblance of a routine each day, be it work, school or a daily walk. Just as some people are determined about right, wrong and routines, there are those who refuse to accept it when they are wrong. One of the best quotes I ever read in the Harry Potter series is this:
‘It is easier to forgive someone for being wrong than it is for being right’.
This is so true.
Almost everyone in the world enjoys the feeling of being right, more so than being wrong. These same people will forgive those who are wrong much more easily than those who are right (because it would mean the ‘forgiver’, so to speak, is wrong).
But back to the matter of ‘baiting’. Which comments or actions will trigger which emotions? If I disagree with a volatile person, I wouldn’t want to be within arm’s reach. If I give a gift to a friend, and the friend likes it, the friend will say ‘thank you’. (No, I’m not joking. A genuine word of thanks is a show of emotion) If I told someone their relative had died, they would burst into tears. If someone’s house was on fire, they’d panic.
So we have a difference of opinions, a material present, death and dangerous situations.
Add to that weather, negative economical situations and (sexual) relationships and there are a whole catalogue of sub-triggers (ie: simply rain as opposed to ‘weather’), and it quickly turns out that almost everything in the world triggers an emotional response.  It requires a person of unbelievably even temperament to go even a single day without responding ‘majorly’ to any stimulus.
Spending a day completely calm must be an enlightening experience – I suggest some.

Olah! :)

I've created a new blog out of inspiration from my friends,especially from Gemma. At dahil ang daming kong naiisip na ideas this past few days,gusto kong ishare sila through blogging. I want to preserve every moment of my life through writing,as writing can also ease an individuals pain....